Guide recommendations

1) Abey Roads Travel ( is a highly recommendable tour operator run by a young, entrepreneurial Ethiopian. The service was friendly and reliable.

2) Gurasho Gumacho Masulo, the only licensed tour guide in Karat-Konso (Southern Ethiopia) who’s actually from Konso. He was very friendly and knowledgeable (Contact: email:; phone: 0910308997; mobile: 0467730391).

Ben and Rocio


2 thoughts on “Guide recommendations

  1. Kyra says:

    I want to recommend another excellent guide for Konso and the Omo Valley. Kashale (Chuchu) Yohannes is also from Konso.

    My husband and I met Chuchu in November of this year. We were traveling on a remote road near Konso when our 4-wheel-drive got stuck in the mud. After many hours of trying to extract the car, we telephoned for help from Konso. When Chuchu heard about our predicament, he not only drove over an hour in the dark to come look for us, but he also found us lodging, arranged for a flatbed truck to try to pull our car out, spent most of a day working with the flatbed truck driver to dislodge the car, escorted us to Arba Minch, and found us a driver to return us to Addis. He went above and beyond anything I would ever expect from someone getting a shot-in-the-dark phone call from two strangers on the side of a river. On top of that, his English is excellent and he is very knowledgeable about the Omo Valley. If you are looking for a guide for the Konso area, you cannot do better than Chuchu.

    Chuchu’s contact information is:

  2. konso says:

    there can’t be such a thing like an only licenced tour guide in konso …. check …. and you interversed the mobile and the phone!

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