Some recommended local guides

Hi there,
My husband and I just got back from Ethiopia and wanted to pass on the contact details of some guides we met on the way.

1. Liben Chame speaks good English, seems to know everything about the country and offers good prices. He can organise ANYTHING you want to do in the country. He went out of his way every time we wanted to do stuff or change the plan in any way. It is not easy to find a good guide in Ethiopia who is not interested only about the money so here you go:

Home: +251 911652649
Mobile: +251 111249078
Facebook: Libenchame

2. In Lalibela, we were very lucky with the guide we found to visit the churches. He gave the right amount of information, his English was very good, and for the same price he showed us the market and even negotiated for us when we wanted to buy things.

Estalu Kelemu

Mobile: +251911065115

3. An Omo Valley guide we met in Arba Minch speaks good English and seems to have all the contacts needed to show you the “off the beaten track” villages.

Riot Mussa
Home: +251 468850173
Mobile: +251 911061092

4. This guide we met in Bahir Dar. His English is perfect, he took us to see the waterfalls when there was no one, he negotiated us into a trip for the lake so we paid less and went out of his way to make us happy with restaurants, hotels, cars… would really use him again if back in the country. He might be able to take you around the country as well if you need him to.

Tewodros Firew (Teddy)
Mobile: +251918768825




One thought on “Some recommended local guides

  1. Sofía says:

    Solomon Gezu. He is the man you need to get the most out of your trip.

    We contacted him via email:
    When we arrived at Addis he travelled from Jinka to meet us and to make sure that we had everything we needed for our 20 days visit to the Omo Valley.

    He was by all means very respectful and efficient managing the trip. From Addis we took a bus to Jinka and there the real adventure started. He took us to 7 different tribes: Arbore, Ari, Dasanech, Hamer, Karo, Konso and Mursi. We camped with several of the communities, although sometimes the visits were so intense that we would rather go back to town and stay at a hotel for the night. Solomon was always very sensitive to our needs and responded accordingly. We never lacked anything while we were with him. We moved around in a rented car which presented no problems at all. We were lucky to get the best driver in town: Mr Deli.

    The reason for ur trip was to develop our art project for kids, “Little Big Worlds”, which consists on offering free art workshops to kids from different cultures. We have been traveling through 22 countries in the past 16 months, and we can say that Solomon’s help was essential for organizing the art workshops in Omo Valley and engaging the different communities in the activities. Great success!

    We are 3 Argentinians, (two art teachers and illustrators, and 1 photographer).

    Here are some pictures of our stay with the Hamer people:

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