News from Lalibela

I was lucky to be travelling by private 4×4 and it took us less than five hours to get from Bahir Dar to Lalibela, which meant that leaving early in the morning (8ish) we were at Lailbela in time for lunch and able to look at some churches in the afternoon!

We stayed at the Mountain View Hotel and you can now apparently pay with Mastercard/visa – although I did not use this service so I don’t know if there were addtional charges for this service. Mountain View was marvellous and looking down the valley at night was amazing – just to experience ‘total darkness’ – it was cloudy as well! Also as far as I could see there is no swimming pool there yet! However there is more building going along all along that ridge.



One thought on “News from Lalibela

  1. Liza D says:

    My mum and her friend stayed at Mountain View which I booked for them for their first night outside the comfort of my house in Addis and they loved the View from the terrace. BUT there was a mouse in their room, which the hotel manager said came from the fields (though they were not on the ground floor and the mouse supposedly came in cause they didn’t close the balcony door.
    They were given another room, but funnily enough the mouse followed (hidden in one of their bags) 😉

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