Addis Ababa eateries

Blue Tops no longer exists – it’s been demolished totally in the past few months.
Next door to the national Museum of Ethiopia is Lucy’s Gazebo (I think that’s its name), a fairly neat set up and making use of the old hut for tradional meals etc. It is relatively pricey though (by comparison to other places).



2 thoughts on “Addis Ababa eateries

  1. frank rispin says:

    Bluetops being demolished is part of a general City Council demiolition and rebuild in the area. I believe they have been allocated a n ew site elsewhere – will keep everyone posted.

    People have mixed opinions on Lucys Restaurtant next to National Museum. I would not advise it as an evening place – too cold,and service poor.

  2. Liza D says:

    Lucy’s is nice on a sunny day, great juices, some nice salads, but service is very poor as Frank says, especially when large groups get there just ahead of you

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