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We spent 3 weeks in Ethiopia in April 2011, during Lent, and found it very usefull to have your book with us (as already in 1998 and in 2008). This time, we travelled intensively in the North, from Addis to Lalibela by road, looking for less know places of interest and then spending a lot of time in and around Lalibela. Our tour has been tailored-made by Abita, from Sunny Land Ethiopia Travel and Tours which we would like to recommend warmly ( We first met Abita in 2008 when he was our guide in the Danakil Depression and on the Erta Ale. Since then he created his own travel agency and is offering classical tours but as well very high quality “à la carte” services, with excellent quality cars, drivers and local guides. He specializes also in impressive biking tours. We’ll be back in Ethiopia next August and September and will certainly come back with more updates after that trip Nicole and William Belgium


3 thoughts on “Sunny Land Ethiopia Travel and Tours

  1. Ilaria says:

    Nice to meet you Nicole and William. I confirm all your positive assertions on
    I met Abita thanks to a group tour in the Danakil Depression during the last Christmas holiday. What I appriciated most was, first of all, his capability to manage the staff and to create a friendly atmosphere (we were 11 and we had never met each other before), secondly his respectful way to approach ordinary people. This helped us to discover not only the natural and historical beauties of Ethiopa but also to get in touch with the population. I take into consideration especially this last aspect because, in my opinion, it makes the difference between a good trip and an unforgettable trip. Thanks Abita. If I come back to Ethiopia, I will certainly travel with Sunny Land Ethiopia Tours and Travel again! Ciao Ilaria

  2. Gerard says:

    I had the opportunity to travel with Abita last year in South and part of the North Ethiopia. The country is probably one of the most wonderful I never visited and the landscapes among the most diversified I ever seen, but the contact with the population remains the most important emotion of this journey. The infrastructure of this agency ( and the ideal planning of the tour was part of the success. I had the privilege to get the manager of the agency, Abita, as a guide during the 2 weeks there as he had to go to South for his agency business. His knowledge of the people, his way to get into the villages, houses, markets has been great and suits perfectly with my way of travelling. He knows everyone and if he doesn’t he is so nice that he is welcomed everywhere. As a traveller, I don’t want to be a tourist but only a friend from abroad who comes to know the people in a respectful way. As far as I know, Ethiopia can offer the best to the visitors who want to share the hospitality of the population. Abita is the link to get to that mutual comprehension. Abita, if you read that post, thanks again. You has been more than a guide but a real friend !!
    Thanks to the other guides as you are really a great team at Sunny Land Ethiopian Tours!!
    Gerard from France.

  3. Bruno Dei says:

    Twice in Ethiopia, with our big big friend Abita. North, South and Harar. Lots of emotions, wonder. Land incredibly rich in nature and culture (cultures). Never been in the far east: ehi Abita, are you ready to guide us in the Denakil desert? As soon as possible. This year we miss Ethiopia, for our job. We miss Abita and friends, but we never forget you. Wait for us, we’ll be there next year. Bruno and Daniela.

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