Travellers cheques in Ethiopia

It is almost impossible to cash these in Ethiopia now. I tried about 8 banks (various companies) in Addis, who all said that they couldn’t because there had been problems with fraud. Even the banks at the Hilton won’t do so. The only place I found was the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia’s Head Office, Andinet Square.

Helen O’Neill


One thought on “Travellers cheques in Ethiopia

  1. frank rispin says:

    Not surprised. Have met this before.

    ATM update.
    Dashen Bank (see their website) stlll the biggest network . but their reliability is dodgy. Tourists and us residents often find them not working.
    There are three Dashen ATMs in a close area at Bole – Harmony hotel, Edna Mall, anf Dashen Bank along from Edna facing cathedral.

    CBE Commercial B of Eth. If you read in old info that their ATMs are only for local customers that is out of date. They have been internationalised – with touch screen technology.. Even if it says on the machine – only for CBE customers as it does sometimes……….

    AIRPORT One in Immigration Area next to queues for desks. You can also access this after immigration from the baggage collection hall.
    One in public arrivals area – in the wall near foot of large escalator

    Other banks. Zemen advertise in Addis…use their ATMS but it wouldnt take my card
    There is a plan to interlink them all with Wegagen Bank joining in. Watch this space.

    HILTON HOTEL – – has 4 ATMs outside under cover near Hairdressing salons.they get repaired quickly there !!! Also has 2 high speed Forex Bureaus on ground floor – Nib Bank, United Bank. Both excellent.

    SHERATON – has ATMs, and the Dashen Bank there will dish cash on your card if ATM wont work – at a % !!

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