Sishu Cafe in Addis Ababa

There is a fantastic café called Sishu not far from the National Theatre in Addis – wonderful burgers, nice if slightly odd flavoured milk and fantastic tarts – a real relief for those desperate for a rest from injera…. It also contains expansive play areas for children. Sadly, it is within a slum area that is due to be levelled soon, but there is a petition (which I have signed) campaigning for it to be spared. I recommend trying it out next time you are in Addis!



3 thoughts on “Sishu Cafe in Addis Ababa

  1. Liza D says:

    Sishu is actually located behind Ministry of Urban Works & Development, main road that leads to it is the Sudan street and if you were to ask around National Theatre people will not know about it. In fact it is a place where mostly farenjis and the upper class Ethiopians, former diaspora go to, so not well known by the average people. It is a nice place to go, the owners made a great job of restoring the old villa and all furniture is vintage. Closed on Mondays and
    open only from 11AM to 8 PM.
    the number is 0920 061063 or 0911 145358
    I am not a fan of their food, but I love the place

  2. Larry Brown says:

    I am a great fan of Sishu Cafe. I thought it was called Sishu Burger. So I stand corrected. I am Addis 2 trips per year for a total of 4 months. I try to make a point of getting there at least once a month. All the other Americans I work with here, all love the food and restaurant environment there. I am glad to hear the news that though they have to move, they have found a new location and it is even closer to where I stay and work when I am in Ethiopia. Most of the Ethiopians we have taken there enjoy the food there as much as we do.

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