Reduction in domestic flight prices

If you buy your Ethiopian Airways domestic flights at an agency in Ethiopia (not online nor at offices abroad), there is no longer a different rate for foreigners and locals, which effectively means that domestic ticket prices are about one-third what they used to be when you paid online or at offices outside the country. To get these prices, you have to pay in foreign currency or with a credit card, unless you have resident status and proof of salary being paid in birr. It also means that there is no longer an advantage in having an international booking with Ethiopian Airways when it comes buying domestic flights – the price is the same either way.

Liza D & Maes


3 thoughts on “Reduction in domestic flight prices

  1. Derek says:

    This is completely true but unfortunately it only seems possible to do this in country. My travel agent in Toronto still gave me a discounted price on domestic tickets booked in Toronto (about 20% less than the website) as I had an international ticket with Ethiopian, however if i had pruchased the flight in Ethiopia I would have paid 50% of the website price. The only caveat is there are not many flights each day (e.g. only 2 to Gonder, lalibela from Addis) and the tend to sell out if it is a weekend, so if your dates are not flexible it may be advisable to book before you get to Addis.

  2. Cindy says:

    Hi there,
    This is great news! However, I just phoned up Ethiopian airways in Nairobi who said that only locals are able to get cheaper domestic flights. They quoted me USD239 for ADD – Gonder – Lalibela – Gonder in September. Can anyone advise if this is accurate or anyone who has travelled recently. Planning a trip to Ethiopia in September.

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