Adimasu Tours

They were great. You must recommend them in your book.

Marie Clude


2 thoughts on “Adimasu Tours

  1. david sheffield says:

    I have also used adimasu’s tour services. I do not book in advance, i like to meet the people i am going to be spending time with and although adimasu wasnt my guide he introduced me to the person i was going to be spending the 10 days with (michael). i was comfortable and at ease with them and was not pressured at all, (unlike sharyem tours, this man was not to be trusted in my opinion, very unpleasant and made a rude comment about the woman i was travelling with, nice way to get business!!). he is also from the omo valley which i appreciated. i considered the trip a success and i would use him again in a new york minute!! thank you adimasu!!

  2. James Savory says:

    I was sorry to read this comment about Sharyem tours which surprises me. I have travelled with Sharyem twice. Yemane Taye, who runs the company, has always been very efficient, professional and courteous. I recommend Sharyem without reservation.

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