Eating out in Gonder

I recommend the following:

Ras Bar and Restaurant – a freindly place opposite Dashen House (see map grid B2) with the best injera in town. Does only Habesha food really but if you like injera it is the best. They also show football in there a lot

Coffee House – Opposite Best Supermarket down the road from Piassa. Ideal for lighter food and more Western style food. Not the friendliest service but you won’t get overcharged and the food and drinks are good quality

New Day – New place next to Ras. Friendliest people and good food – menu in Amharic but they will try to help you and won’t overcharge you.

I wouldn’t recommend:

Telecafe – despite knowing us and seeing us with Ethiopians and being introduced to them, they continued to try to give us the separate farengi menu and they could not be more miserable. Everyone else felt the same including some Ethiopians. Perhaps they hiked up prices following Bradt’s recommendations though?

Sofa Juice – the only place to charge more than 9 birr for a juice in Gondar (12 birr)

Ras Dashen supermarket – rude and expensice for farengi – BestSupermarket down the road or any of the smaller palces would be better, or the wholesalers in the market.



2 thoughts on “Eating out in Gonder

  1. LizaD says:

    Sofa juice charged my mum and her friend (two newly arrived farenji ladies, with no idea of local prices, 30 birr per juice last weekend. So, farenji prices are everywhere, if you are not careful.

  2. CLow says:

    Sofa juice isn’t the only place- nearby Delicious Pastry also charges ferengi prices. I think it was 15 birr for a juice when we were there. Not very friendly either.

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