First Aid in South Omo

After visiting a number of villages in the Omo Valley we found that one item which was helpful a few times is a simple first aid kit (containing disinfectants in spray, plasters, bandages, something against small wounds and skin irritation) and some spare bottles of clean water.

In the Mursi village we were asked (through our driver) to help with a wound of one woman and a scratched skin of one kid. We did our best to clean, disinfect and bandage those. We used our basic first aid training and tried not to infect ourselves by asking a Mursi man to perform some of those steps, also in hope that he will later be able to properly apply the medicine we gave him.

This may sound like going too far or doing someone else’s job but we actually checked in Jinka hospital later on that no medical aid is provided in those villages – so some simple assistance by a tourist could make a difference. There are certainly pros and cons to getting involved in this way and we discussed it in between each other. If you agree with this approach please consider posting this comment on your website. Maybe some other tourists will consider the above.

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