Viewpoint Lodge, Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)

This new lodge is on the shore of Lake Babogaya, set in an ancient volcano 1km wide, filled with clear water in which it is possible to swim or to go around with a kayak. There are 8 rooms in a traditional style. Almost all have view over the lake. The lodge is going to the lake. Some rooms are on top of the old crater, others down near the water. Some are in the house, others are in a traditional hut and others, finally, on stilts (above water). The view of the lake is exceptional. Its surroundings are wooded and the volcano Yerer emerges behind. There are 3 levels of garden to give space for each of the visitors. For the foreigners, the price for 2 people is 900 birrs. If you are alone, the price is 700 birrs. The family room is 35 euros if the children are under 15 years, otherwise the price is 45 euros. Breakfast is included in the price. Ethiopian people have a discount. Just contact the manager.

It is better to book, especially on weekends.
You can call 00251 (0)911 465 693, we will answer in English, French, German, Dutch or 00251 (0)911 864 679 in Amharic.
By email
For more details and photos visit our website.
Jan Jackers (owner-manager)

One thought on “Viewpoint Lodge, Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)

  1. sicile says:

    The property accomodations as well food were a delight to my ten day stay in debre zeit.English was the second language at lakeview. The people were warm friendly welcoming people.I would reccomend any one to stay there.

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