Toilet Tissue Trail in the Simiens

We’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Ethiopia. We saw many good things, beautiful views, incredible Timket and had a smashing walk in the Simiens.
I suppose this posting is a plea for an explanation and action.
Why oh why do we want to visit other countries, take our ‘stuff’ with us and leave it behind as rubbish … in the most beautiful places??
More and more we are reading about ‘eco’ tourism and responsible travel.
We walked in Simiens and I’d take a guess that if every piece of toilet paper that was left behind was linked end to end they would stretch from Cheneck campsite to Addis.
What makes matters worse is that at the two campsites we visited there were quite reasonable – admittedly not brilliant – but ok long drops. So why all around the campsites were there piles of faecal excreta accompanied by white toilet paper, as well as rectal ointment tubes, sleeping tablet packets, tampon applicators and more. Despite having a guide we always knew we were on the correct trail because really we just moved from one peice of tissue to the next.
So, why can’t people hold their breath and use the long drop? Or take a trowel and bury their rubbish? Or take their rubbish away with them. I suspect much of the tissue not accompanied by a pile of poo may have been left by females so why don’t they take their pee first, set fire to the tissue and then so as to ensure a mass fire doesn’t start ask their trusty male to go and ensure the fire is out with a follow – up pee drenching
No folks, this is serious – the place, especially the campsites was a foul mess and it is unecessary. Please – surely we have a responsibility as guests to leave no litter, to follow the principals of responsible travel and generally do better.
The fact that there maybe litter and rubbish from other sources is irrelevant.



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