Rift Valley Lodge updates

Stayed at Wenney Lodge, Langano: the place is rotting away. Cannot say anything positive. Looks like their main focus is overcharging anybody who drives an hour off the tarmac to get there.

Aregash Lodge near Yirga Alen is an amazing find…beautiful place



2 thoughts on “Rift Valley Lodge updates

  1. LizaD says:

    After 2 years of hearing about Aregash lodge I finally stayed there and it was as amazing as I expected it to be. The peace and calm, the wonderful food, the hospitality, it was simply perfect. And the price of 50 USD for a double and 75 for a quadruple room with breakfast included (and VAT and service charge also) it is really affordable. The dinner/lunch is an extra 130 birr and the food is so nice that it is worth the extra cost.

  2. Suzanne O'Steen says:

    I stayed at Aregash Lodge last year as a retreat on our Mission Trip. We all were overwhelmed at the beauty and splendor of this Retreat in the Rift Valley. The accommoations were better than the Hilton in Addis and truly relaxing and refreshing.
    We are returning again this year with more people and I can hardly wait to spend time in this relaxing place.

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