Tour operator recommendation

We found your guidebook invaluable, and found our tour operator via your blog.
we are 2 families with teenage kids.
we used Alebachew Ababe;

he delivered everything he promised us, and more; his rate was good, and he is a honest , knowledgable,flexible  and a fun guy.

ethiopia is beautiful, fascinating; and so are its people
highly recommended!

harvey belik


7 thoughts on “Tour operator recommendation

  1. Rosam says:

    Can you give more information about your tour- itinerary, etc. We are planning a trip to Ethiopia and trying to find a suitable and reliable tour operator. Thank you

  2. Mark says:

    Yes we were in Ethiopia for two weeks our tour operator has been brilliant and knewledgeble price compitant We find Jemal is very copitant price than Alebachew, we highly recomend for all travelers Jemal he is very honest and reliable tour operator all over Ethiopia specialy to the Simien Mountains I think his contact E-mail. and Website: htt/ htt/ Good luck and enjoy your tripe! MARK Germany.

  3. Philip says:

    We found your guidebook invaluable, and found our tour operator via your blog.
    we are 5 families with teenage kids.
    we used Jemal Hussien,:

    he delivered everything he promised us, and more; his rate was good, and he is a honest , knowledgable,flexible and a fun guy.

    ethiopia is beautiful, fascinating; and so are its people
    highly recommended!


  4. Maryana says:

    Hi All,
    Wanted to share with you an excellent contact to organise a trip on the Ethiopian Northern “Historical” circuit. We were a group of eight, traveling around Northern Ethiopia for two weeks. Time was sparse and we needed to be on the move, to make most of the fortnight. I found a contact on LP Thorn Tree – a tour guide specialising in the Simien mountains, who arranged the whole trip for us before we arrived in Addis. He arranged the car (mini-bus), driver, trek in the Siemen mountains. His name was jems. Contact information: The price was right, he was flexible, well informed and willing to answer a million and one questions before we even set foot in Ethiopia.
    So if you need a guide in Ethiopia, Alex is your man!
    Maria (Poland)

    Jeśli ktoś się wybiera na wakacje do północnej Etiopii i poszukuje przewodnika bardzo gorąco polecam Jems. Kontakt: Na prawde super gość. Zorganizował nam dwutygodniowa wycieczkę na osiem osób, z wynajęciem samochodu, przejechaniem całej północnej “historycznej,” części Etiopii, odpowiadał na tysiące dziwnych pytań, zadawanych jeszcze z Polski. I nie był drogi. Super gość! I świetnie mówi po angielsku.
    Maryna (Krakow)

  5. Maria says:

    Hi all travellers to Ethiopia! I have been visiting for three months and make study of field reaserch in the Simien Mountains, it is so nice I like it very much, ethiopia are so wonderfull if you go to Ethiopia please try to trek or see some days about like three- four days then you will enjoy how nature mean, will recommend you our reserch field guide Jemal Hussien, he is honest, knweldgeble and funy man to enjoy your trip on the North Part of Ethiopia, am impressed that he identifies the Birds also in thier voice so amazing, he knows about all the Simien Mountains Fauna, flora and organizing all our trek packeges we were very glade with him: contact/ website/ phone Mobile/ +251 913 000 629. Good luck your visit and stay in Ethiopia, Maria.

  6. Mark says:

    There are many good local guides. My favourite – who I have used several times and have always found to be competitive in price, and excellent at arranging a trip which suits me rather than an off-the-shelf package which is convenient for him – Jemal Hussien ,, He is a native of the Simiens and now lives in Gonder and covers travel throughout the country. His phone: +251 913 000 629. Wish you a great trip: Mark from Germany.

  7. Olive and elisabeth says:

    We travelled to the Simien mountains in May this year 2014 and it was an amazing experience. After a lot of internet research we settled on a 6 night trek and 5 days hitoric routes, Axum, Mekele, Lalibela and Bahirdar organised by Jemal Hussien ( We cannot recommend him enough. The trek we chose was a highland to lowland trek but Jems can arrange treks to suit your needs. He is from Debark so is also a local person. While it is possible to just show up at the park office in Debark and arrange a guide, scout, cook, and mule handlers (or in fact to simply take a scout) if you are time constrained we highly recommend using Jems. We were really impressed with Jems’s organisation and, if you can afford it, think that it enhances the experience to have a full compliment of local people to join you on the trek. Jems met us at the airport in Gondar and from there everything went seamlessly. He checked on our dietary requirements and made sure we had enough clothing and bedding. He had also pre-arranged a driver to get to the start of the trek and the trekking crew. For two of us we considered it good value for money and the cost would reduce further the more people were part of the group. While we did not require any additional arrangement, Jems can help organise internal travel and any other activities you require.

    As for the trek itself it was one of the best things we have done. May is a low season as it is the dry season and the highlands do not have the lush greenness that is present from October to January. Although we would like to go back at that time of year to experience the scenery it did not diminish our experience and as an advantage there are not as many trekkers, with just a handful of groups in the camps each night. The trek has great variety from wildlife (the gelada monkeys, walia ibex, ethiopian wolves (if you are lucky) and great variety of birds; the astounding canyons and scenery as you walk along the escarpment; and the opportunity to meet and interact with the locals. Highlights were out stays in the grounds of local schools and the coffee ceremony we had with our scout Noor’s relatives. We also had a wonderful trekking crew. Mr, Getnet was an exceptional guide who has impressive knowledge of almost everything to do with the region and is wonderfully friendly and good company. Kadir and Mourad achieved culinary feats with just a single gas cooker (even baking a birthday cake!) and Noor proved himself very adept at wrangling to many local children that you meet along the way. We would recommend, however, taking a good supply of pens and other things of use for the children as they are incredibly appreciative of anything you can offer. We also took some old clothing that we were able to distribute at the end of the trek.

    We would say it is a once in a lifetime experience, but we are already planning a return trip.
    Contact Jemal hussien:
    Tel: +251 913 000 629

    Olive and Elisabeth

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