Ghion Hotel, Bahir Dar

Hello, I recently made a trip to Bahir Dar and stayed at the Ghion Hotel, listed in the guide book. Due to a language barrier, there was a misunderstanding about how many nights I had paid for. When I tried to reconcile the differences in a fair way, the man behind the desk was uncompromising and a little rude. He was speaking to the hotel staff in Amharic as I was trying to sort out the mess, and they were snickering at me. The whole experience was extremely unpleasant and I would not recommend staying at the Ghion. However, if you decide to stay, do not pay the outrageous price of 250 birr that they will ask you for. I stayed for 175 birr, but as I said, I recommend that you save yourself the headache and go somewhere else! Also, the hotel organized a half day boat trip to the monastaries. They tried to charge me 100 birr, but my group of three negotiated the price down to 63 birr/person. There are many people with boats and its not difficult to find a similar deal if you walk around the lake a little!

Scott Hunter


One thought on “Ghion Hotel, Bahir Dar

  1. Leone Evans says:

    That place is much run down to begin with and if one goes as far as paying 250Birr for a room per night, why not stay at Dib Anbessa etc for that same price?? Additionally, safety concerns related to life jackets etc while boating on Lake Tana were recent negative stories of the Bahir Dar Ghion and so, as Scott mentioned above, there are many other options – hotels as well as boat rides. Don’t really see why people keep on flocking in there?!

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