Suba Forest – updated fees & facilities

I am working in suba forest. I l appreciate your cooperation to promote our destination ‘SUBA’ since i am working in this org. I  would like to give you some uptodate information  which helps you to provide accurate visitors information

BEST WISHES, Biniyam Tsegaye

Suba- Sebeta Forest District

Service Charges, Entrance and Camping Ground Fees

  • Services Changes
  1. Dormitory Rent
  • Ethiopians———————————————-20.00/person/night
  • Foreigners———————————————-30.00/person/night
  1. Guest house rent
  • Ethiopians———————————————-40.00/person/night
  • Foreigners———————————————-70.00/person/night

II. Entrance Fees

No. Category of visitors Entrance Fees/48 hrs (Eth.birr)
1 Ethiopian
1.1 Adult 10.00
1.2 Child (6-18) 5.00
2 Foreign visitors
2.1 Adult 45.00
2.2 Child (6-18) 20.00
3 Entrance fee for vehicles 20.00
4 Video Camera
4.1 Foreign visitors 100.00
4.2 Ethiopian visitors 50.00

III. Camping Ground Fees/Night

No. Category of visitors Tent size

(2 persons)


(4 persons)

Big (>7 persons)

1 Ethiopian 20 35 45
2 Foreigners 40 50 60

IV. Meeting Hall Fees

No. Category of services Hall fees/day(Eth.birr)
1 Wedding 150.00
2 Non-governmental organization (NGO-meeting) 200.00
3 Governmental organization -meeting 100.00

NB:  Vat (15%) will be added on the above prices.


5 thoughts on “Suba Forest – updated fees & facilities

  1. frankrispin says:

    Please clarify WHWERe Suba is ??
    Is it the same as Menegesha Forest ?
    IS it possible to get in from the Ambo Road or do you have to come via Jimma Road

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Frank, I received this info on the road in Mozambique (without access to the book itself) and assumed it related to somewhere that Brian added for the last edition – but evidently not, so I will try to chase up more info about Suba when I get back home (late July) – cheers, Philip

  3. Maes says:

    I did not see your answer to frankrispin bur reading carefully your book, I found the answer : page 557 last 2 par. It seems really that it is the Menegasha National Forest.

  4. Ene says:

    Hi there,

    A group of friends had a wonderful time in Suba-Menagesha forest a while back. Now we are planning to go camping again, preferably some place new which is reasonably near to Addis. Do you guys know of another camping site?


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