Debre Sina

Because of all the road construction, we decided to break the trip Lalibela to Addis in Debre Sina. The whole place was under road construction and there was a conference, so most places were booked. Since I was ill, we decided to just take something and ended up in Helen Hotel. It was my worst hotel on my Africa trip. A silly faranji price of 100 Birr for a not too clean room, very noisy (there is a bar with prostitutes/brothel downstairs) and my bed had a lot of bed bugs.

Danny Jacqmot


One thought on “Debre Sina

  1. alistair says:

    I think you mean Debre Berhan from this description and not Debre Sina. I was in both towns in June 2010.
    This is an accurate description of both the town and the hotel. There are other acceptable hotels but can not remember the name of the place I stayed in (30 birr, hot shower, no bed bugs)but heading north from the bus station you come to a garage and just past the garage is a path to the right and you can see the hotel. It is in the Bradt Guide

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