Addis Ababa news

It wasn’t love on first sight, but already the second day I really started to enjoy this city. It simply has so much to offer when it comes to culture (music, coffee houses, partying,…)

I visited two museums: The IES which I liked a lot, including the Lime Tree Bar and the university grounds and the National Museum (with Lucy). I found both equally interesting, maybe good to do one on your first day and one on the last day. Most people prefer the IES.

Interesting contacts:


Tesfaye Gebreselassie, Driver Guide (works for Diversity Tours), Tel 0251. and and

Tess was our driver from Lalibela back to Addis. He was the first and basically only Ethiopian with whom I had the feeling of having a real contact. He’s open minded, used to tourists, very chilled and generous. He’s not waiting for a tip, gives money himself to beggars and was very honest with us. He works for the Diversity Tour company and very likely will be able to help you out with several questions (and not necessarily expecting to be paid for every detail, opposite to some others in the business).

To explore

– Tour of the local artists (real artists, not the ones who just copy). Mr Yitbarek: He’s working as a guide in the national museum, an older man. He also did some of the organization of the modern art section museum. He proposed me to have a tour at some artist ateliers, but suggested I should visit Asni Gallery first to find out which artist I preferred. I talked to him a long time and had a very good feeling about him, but too bad no extra day. Yitbarek, 0911759045 and

Danny Jacqmot

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