Queen Taitu Hotel, Gonder

This turned out to be very bad. There was no running water at all for two days when we stayed there in 2nd half of March 2010 (depsite us being charged 150 birr for a twin and repeated false claims by the management that there would be water later in the day). There were constant electricity shortages so bring your own torch along if you decide to stay there, which we would strongly disencourage. Also, we were triple charged (from the agreed, original price) for laundry there. Any other hotel in Gonder in similar price range must be better than this one. Don’t go. Otherwise, your Bradt guide was absolutely terrific and did the job for my friend and me during our first Africa trip in 100%. Advice is spot-on and very accurate. Thank you very much!!! Chris


3 thoughts on “Queen Taitu Hotel, Gonder

  1. philipbriggs says:

    I have received a similarly negative report from another reader:

    “Hello Bradt people, I very much enjoyed your latest travel guide to Ethiopia, but I am feeling compelled to make a small revision to be considered for the next edition. The Queen Taitu hotel in Gondar, which you advertise at the best deal in town both for the money and overall, has turned into a completely dysfunctional, corrupt hole. I stayed there twice and both times I was very taken aback. The first time, the water started flooding out of the open faucets at 5am and when I got up to close the faucets, the handles broke off and water started gushing everywhere (like in the movies). Most of the doors have broken off handles and there is no effort to fix anything that breaks. We asked for a new lightbulb for our bathroom because it was pitchdark, and during the 5 days we were there, nobody got around to it. Worst of all, when we arrived there the second time, the key broke off in the door when we first opened it, and management wanted to charge us 200 birr (!!) for that. Management seemed completely oblivious to any sort of customer service and wanted to charge some of us (we were with a traveling circus) double the rate for having more than 2 people in a room. They were completely uncooperative and incompetent. This place may have once been a good option to stay in Gondar – it is no longer and I would warn anybody who tries to stay there. I have lived in Ethiopia for a year, and this place is one of the worst in terms of their approach to their guests. And they are not even that cheap, so there is no justification for the blunder. I hope you will find this useful. Thanks a lot. Anita”

  2. Brian Blatt says:

    Thank you for the warnings! The hotel was brand-new when I visited, and had hot water. I was excited to find a clean, new budget option. Though hard to believe, I have received favorable reports as recently as November 2009! Sometimes a guidebook recommendation can be a curse, and it sounds like the Queen Taitu staff has let this go to their heads.

    “Any other hotel in Gonder in similar price range must be better than this one.”

    This is the problem. There are no really great options in this price range! Belegez Pension is an OK bet, but it is often fully booked. I have heard good things about a new place called the Queens Hotel, but it is several miles from town center.

    I would love to hear other recommendations for best budget hotel in Gonder for under $15.

  3. Lianne says:

    I just stayed at the Queen Taitu hotel a few weeks ago and everything was ok! Clean room, friendly staff and the rooms were good enough.

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