Addis Ababa additions & corrections

1.  P. 167 – “The churches of Kiddist Maryam etc”

The church which encloses the tomb of Menelik II is called Baata Maryam, not Kiddist Maryam as mentioned in your text.  Kiddist Maryam is another church in a different place, see below.  Baata Maryam church is correctly marked as “Baata Church” on the map in p. 170, but it should be marked as Baata Maryam, as the locals know it, since this is the name you have to give them if you ask for directions. Baata Maryam is actually part of a monastery, and the place is run by monks.  There is a fee of 30 Birr to visit the tomb of Menelik II, which will be charged inside the crypt after you went down there.  They give you a receipt, but the whole things seems to be somewhat on the sly, since there is no post that any fee is required to visit the crypt before you get there.

2.  p. 166 Tiglachin Monument

The Tiglachin (“Struggle”) monument is not “a tall geometric statue of a lion”.  The monument, in front of the post office building, consists of a tall central column with a red star on top.  There are large panels on both sides of the column describing the struggle for freedom of the oppressed people of Ethiopia, led by Mengistu.   On the right and left of the enormous plaza in front of the monument are memorials for Cuban soldiers who fell in the Ogaden war against Somalia, including their engraved pictures.  The place is now called “The Ethiopian Cuban Friendship Memorial” and there is a modest entrance fee of 5 Birr.

3.  P 167 Africa Hall

Africa Hall is the headquarters of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, not of the Organization of African Unity as implied in your text.  The OAU was dissolved and replaced by the African Union in 2002.

4.  Kiddist Maryam Church

This is a major church on Entoto Avenue, just south of Sahle Selassie avenue.  There seems to be a mausoleum in the courtyard which has some importance, since I saw quite a few people standing in prayer in front of it.  My internet search did not bring results, but you may have the resources to say a few words about this place.

5.  Haile Sellassie Jubilee Monument

The “tall geometric statue of a lion” mentioned in your text on p. 166 under the “Tiglachin Memorial” probably refers to this monument.  The monument, in front of the National Theater, commemorates Haile Selassie’s 50-year reign.

6.  The lion monument in front of the railway station

The monument has an interesting history.  It was taken to Italy during the occupation, and returned to Ethiopia after extensive negotiations.

7. Recommended travel company: Abeba Tours, with their office in the Ras Hotel.  I hired a car and driver from them for my trip, and I have nothing but praise for them. The car was well maintained, the driver a real professional.

8.  Yod Abbysinia – an Ethiopian restaurant with a traditional show of Ethiopian music, singing and dancing in the Bole Road area.  The food is excellent intoduction into Ethiopian fare, the program lasts for about 2 hours starting at 8PM.  The band consist of 4  musicians who play traditional instruments, there are 6 dancers who present a whole gamut of traditional dances from around the country, with frequent change of costumes, and there is also a singer.  Highly recommended.

9. p 145 map

On the upper right hand of the map there is an arrow pointing to a continuation of the map in the Siddist Kilo area on p. 158.  The map on p. 158 is of southwest Addis.  Instead the arrow should point to the map on p. 170With best regards,

Ron Bennett

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