East & Southern Ethiopia updates

p 381 – “Green Crater Lake”

The name “Green Crater Lake” is not known to the locals, and perhaps you should consider naming it Aranguade Bahir Lake which is the name the locals are using (and which you also mention in your text).  The name Hora Hado does not seem to be used, and it may be confused with Lake Hora.   The dirt road to the lake, which branches off to the west just south of Bishoftu is an awful rutted track, not passable by a gari.  The lake can be reached by walking for 2-3 hours from the main Bishoftu – Adama road or by a 4×4.

p. 465 – Awassa fish market

Entrance fee was raised to 20 Birr

2.  p. 420 – Harar – Feres Megala

Perhaps a few words about the curious monument in the center of Feres Megala could be of interest to your readers.  The monument commemorates the 1887 Battle of Chelenko, in which the Moslem forces lost to the Christian forces headed by Menelik II.  The day of the battle is commemorated by the Harari regional government.  I googled “the battle of Chelenko” and found this news item:

“The 121st anniversary of the battle of Chelenko was commemorated in the Harari Regional State on Sunday January 13th, 2008. Harari government officials placed a wreath of fresh flowers at the Chelenko martyrs monument in Faras Magala. A special prayer services were held for the martyrs, along with songs to commemorate their heroism and sacrifices.”

It definitely shows something about the current government of Ethiopia which allows its former vanquished enemies to commemorate their day of demise and use the term “martyrs” to boot.

Ron Bennett

One thought on “East & Southern Ethiopia updates

  1. Akebira says:

    About the battle of Chelenko
    The commemoration of such a holiday pays nothing. It only remembers a defeat and hatred towards others. See it like this: Jackson was defeated when he led an army of secessionists. However, after the defeat he and his followers welcomed unity; and there your are! see how Americans benefitted from unity while we ring the same old seventh century narrow territorial rivalry does not help to bring together backward peoples to work together for economic, social, and political alliance against the bigger hegemony of imperialists; the latter want us to fight amongst each other so that they can exploit our backwardness.
    Please wake up! Let people struggle not for such divisive shcemes but for their common goals!!!

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