Some hotel reviews

ADDIS ABABA: Taitu Hotel (the main building) is charming and has a very good price (300 birr for an en-suite twin room). If you do not sleep there and you are at Piazza, you should have a look-in to the hall in the upper story. The meals are quite good, but you should avoid the necessity of using the general wc.

AXUM: Yeha Hotel is good with a marvellous outlook to the stelae, not cheap (53 US $ twin), but worth the money. The restaurant is not bad as reported (slow service seems to be common in Ethiopia).

LALIBELA: Jerusalem = Lasta Hotel: OK (46 US $), and nice restaurant. Free airport transfer is an antiquated information, instead we could not avoid to pay the normal fare (40 birr/person) for a minibus with a breakdown that fixed us nearly one hour in hot air.

GONDER: Capra Walia Inn: I SUGGEST TO EXCLUDE THIS HOTEL FROM BRADT TRAVEL GUIDE1 On arrival the owner affirmed we had booked two twin rooms, not one. When paying he affirmed we agreed a price of 50 US $. We could refuse both wrong assertions – as we could show him our e-mail correspondance: 35 US $ (which proved overpriced) for one room. (We booked all hotels from Germany by e-mail, but that seems not to be essential – with the exception of Capra Walia.)

BAHIR DAR: Summerland Hotel: Rooms ok (the only bathroom we had in Ethiopia without any defect), good location, but 610 birr? Good meals, but very slow. Free airport shuttle still valid.

HARAR: Heritage Plaza Hotel is an agreeable new hotel with a nice garden café and a fine terrace where you can have dinner and feed the eagles gliding down from the air. 495 birr is ok (avoid to pay the website price 49,50 US $ instead).

Theodor Siegel (German)


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