Lalibela experiences

We arrived in Labilela the night before Xmas and headed after dinner to the churches.  It was already hard to negotiate our way around because of the crowd that had already gathered. We went to the hotel for a few hours of sleep and came back around 5:00am. We stopped at the Tourist office (that was probably open the whole night…), hired an official guide and also got something like an official pass for the relative high price of around 300 birr per person.  That was the best money we spent during the whole trip.. Even though we still had to negotiate our way around, and would sometimes be stuck (and squeezed…) at the same place for 5-10 minutes, the guide managed to get us inside the church where the main ceremony was taking place.  It was a very intense and trance-prone experience that was the climax of our trip.

José Bonchristiano


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