Asni Gallery closed

since i am very interested in contemporary arts i was keen on visiting the asni gallery in addis.
my taxi driver spent a lot of research and investigating until we finally arrived at the gates of the park surrounding the building. i was happy to have finally arrived.
my happiness turned into frustration when a non-english-speaking girl guided me from the park-gate to the building which was in a state of decay, uninhabited, empty: she even led me through the (very beautiful) building: empty rooms, traces of what seemed to have been pictures/hangings, nobody nowhere. it was an eerie experience, some of the rooms where completely black – had the house burned? had the walls been deliberately blackened?
in the garden i saw sculptures, but again there was nobody.
neither the girl nor a woman we later on accosted spoke english but whenever i asked “asni gallery?” i got “yellem” as an answer. they understood what i wanted and they gave me whatever information they had: the gallery did not exist any more.
of course i wanted to make sure if i had been led to a kind of fake asni-gallery, but, no, “this asni” they confirmed. and then “yellem”.
on my way home i checked if my taxi driver had taken any wrong turns etc., but, no, the itinerary had been right.
there was no asni gallery.

elisabeth from austria

6 thoughts on “Asni Gallery closed

  1. Petra Zimmermann says:

    Update on Asni
    Asni moved from its original location to a place not far from the French Embassy, the road is called “Eritrea road”. However, it is true that Konjit’s Asni gallery does not exist anymore. However a number of artists opened up an artist’s house in the building Asni had moved to. At the moment the artists have an exhibition around the topic “leather” which can be visited.

    Another place where art lovers can enjoy contemporary art by Ethiopian artists is Lela Gallery. Lela is found in Old Airport not far from the Chinese Embassy. There are signs leading to the gallery. The gallery also offers the opportunity to meet artists while having drinks or food as it could also be described as an arts-cafe. Definitely a “must have seen” place!

  2. Petra Zimmermann says:

    Correction re Lela Gallery
    Lela Gallery is around the RESIDENCE of the Chinese Embassy (the Chinese Embassy was just moved). For more information you may call the owner Lily Sahle +251.911.300756

  3. salima punjani says:

    Hi Ansi Gallery is now Netsa Art Village

    you can read more about it at its a collective of ethiopian artists working in ferensay park… there is a cafe serving a mix of local and foreign food and the artists have build their own space out of recycled metal where they hold exhibitions and art talks, festivals and numerous other events.

    Hope this helps

    • Petra Zimmermann-Steinhart says:

      Asni gallery is vivid and open, but it changed its location. It is now located near the Ras Amba Hotel, next to the small Anglican Church, approximately half a kilometer from the Arat Kilo roundabout.

    • Henok says:

      hello Many people are confused with this but Asni Gallery was again opened in the centeral part of the city located around Arat kilo near Ras Amba Hotel It Hosts different exhibitions the gallery is owned by a curator and Artist named Konjit seyom This place should be visited ….

  4. Greg says:

    The place should not be visited. I went there today (near the Anglican church) and was told that there were no exhibitions on. It was, in effect, closed. Time and effort was wasted getting to an art gallery with no art.

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