Recommended driver for Ethiopia tours

We enjoyed very much your book during our 17 day trip in Ethiopia. Our driver Eskinder was also key in the success of the experience (we left him the book). I created his web site for free as a thank you for all he has done and to give him the opportunity to earn a decent living while offering unbeatable prices (it is unfortunately too frequent that drivers who will spend up to 9 hours driving half the time on dirt roads get 2 euros while their boss get more or less 100 euros for the day just because they advertised the service – so we feel it is only fair he gets directly the monetary reward plus the deserved life style out of survival). I believe this info would help visitors as well as future free lance driver/guides. Something good for Ethiopia and a deontological way of travelling. Have a pleasant day Jean Charles Dicharry


One thought on “Recommended driver for Ethiopia tours

  1. lecourt says:

    Nous avons eu la chance d’être accompagnés par Eskinder lors de notre voyage en Ethiopie.
    Son professionnalisme, sa gentillesse, sa disponibilité ont rendu le séjour passionnant. Sans lui, nous serions passés à côté de beaucoup de trésors fabuleux, tant en sites qu’en rencontres. Sans lui, l’Ethiopie n’aurait pas été l’Ethiopie!

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