Safety & hassles

Safety – Ethiopia is one of the safest countries I’ve ever visited. Pickpockets are something to be aware of in crowded areas.

Hassle Adults – easy to ignore and to get rid of Kids – this is the worst irritation you’ll be experiencing – farenji mania wherever you go. The amount of “you, you, you”, “where from”, “what’s your name”, “where are you go”, “one birr”, “pen, pen, pen”, “highland” etc do wear travellers out sooner or later… In moments of desperation I would turn and confront the kids. Surprisingly, it worked when I asked “where are YOU going”, “why do you need 1 Birr” or “this is no good, you’ll have to go to school”, but sometimes you are helpless when surrounded by 20 kids in the middle of nowhere. Some travellers complained of being stoned or other objects being thrown at them. I’m still not sure what the best way to approach this problem is. It is certainly annoying, but not exactly a life threatening situation.

Goran Jovetic, London, UK


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