News from Jimma

Hi I have just been in Jimma for 10 days and lived in Central Jimma hotel. The price was the same as on the price list (169 Birr for a good, clean room with private shower). There was electricity nearly every day. They have email in the reception. Food in Central Jimma is excellent. In the moment they are making new main roads in Jimma, so it is a little bit dusty. The road from Addis to Jimma is very good. The way back to Addis I wanted to drive with Selam bus – but it is not driving every day. So i went with public bus – it was o.k. (8 hours).Flight costs 640 birr -every day without monday.

Greetings from Austria, Martin


One thought on “News from Jimma

  1. frankrispin says:

    Central Jimma Hotel also has exceelent pool.
    Clean and attractive. If full the SDayf next door is fine too. Has live music Fri Sat night outside at bar/car park.
    Has Premier league Soccer in big room /big screen above restaurant. Good value though some en suite rooms are odd shape so when sitting on loo u have a foot in shower tray…

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