Ankober & Koremash

KOREMASH : it is really a wonderful place and it is possible to pitch a tent in the police compound, which is the most impressive place in the village. From this spot, one can organize walks with a guide, even into the large valley (which is not the Awash River but the tributary Kassem.  

ANKOBER : Ankober Palace Lodge is a pleasant place but the restaurant is overpriced and the rooms cost 80/95 $ for single/double. When we showed the Bradt guide to the person in charge of the staff, he laughed and told us you made a big mistake with the prices. He didn’t want to make a discount, even during weekdays, though he had only 2 or 3 customers!!!!  On top of this, we had to pay 32.10 Birrs for 2 people as an entrance fee just to visit the lodge, look at the landscape and a wall of old stones! We decided to return to Debre-Birhan for the night. Shoestring hotels are very dirty in the town.

The walk from Ankober to Aliyu-Amba is about 3 ½ to 4 hours. It goes downhill through beautiful country with friendly people everywhere. There are some basic hotels in the village but the Wabit Café has clean rooms with common shower, it charges 20 Birrs for two. The local cook is good. No farenji tariff is applied here and the owner is amiable.

Yolande and Jacky BOTTINI


One thought on “Ankober & Koremash

  1. Seifu Kidane says:

    Very interested to read that you can organise walks with a gude to the Kessem gorge (Bulga) from Koremash.

    Have you done it? Can you expand on how, with whom and for what price, etc.

    Many thanks

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