Nathalie’s updates

Hello, I enjoyed travelling Ethiopia last november with the Bradt guide book (5th edition). I would just like to leave some comments about a few places for the next travellers.

GONDER: make sure to ask for the price when you enter a juice place in Gonder. I tried the “Sofa juice” and the “The golden delicious pastry”, and both ask twice the normal price. The real price for a juice in Gonder is 7 birr. They asked me 15 there … it seems that they all overcharge!! so it’s better to ask for the price.

LALIBELA: “Book stories in the street” : Many young guys tell you that they are students and don’t have money to buy books, and ask you to “support them”. For most of them, this is not really a true story, but a way to get money out of you!!

BAHIR DAR: Watch out the boats of the GHION HOTEL!!! On a day in november, going to visit the Lake Tana monasteries, our boat almost sank on the middle of the lake. A big wave pulled the front gate opened, and a lot of water came suddenly in … we all got very scared! And there were only 2 life jackets for 13 people. The manager of the Ghion Hotel didn’t behave well afterwards. He really seemed not to care at all for his costumers (he seems he just care for money anyway). He didn’t face his responsability!! Very bad!

MEKELE-WOLDIA: We took the 6am Woldia big bus from Mekele. It took us 8 hours to get there because the bus leaves the main asphalt road to go through the mountains to pick up villagers. The guidebook doesn’t tell but there must be some minibuses going direct (on the asphalt road) and much faster … Ask information in Mekele!! If not, a truck would be better option than this big slow and tiring bus! (because also crowded)

Thank you for taking notes of all that. Ethiopia is beautifull. Thanks to the Bradt guide for helping me traveling there!

Nathalie (from France)


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