Off-Road Ethiopia

Hello Philip, It was quite awesome and wonderful that I had your guide book before I plan a very adventurous and off-the beaten truck trip in Ethiopia. After doing all resourcing and information gathering I chose to make my and other 4 fellow friends trip with Off-Road Ethiopia Tour. The manager, Mr. Tewodros Getnet was quite energetic and efficient to answer all our a million a day questions. Up on meeting him in Addis Ababa, he even told me that he has arranged your and your wife’s trip to Afar while he was working for other company in Addis and he even showed me his full name from your book. The guy really knows how to organize trips to very remote areas such as Surma and Afar region and he told me that he is specializing in Cultural and Natural tours including trekking which is not quite common in Ethiopia. All tour companies and travel agents we contacted do every thing and don’t sound good. Any ways, we had a very nice off-the truck tour to Afar, Surma and Semien mountains and now we are advising 6 of our friends to go to Ethiopia using the same company, Off-Road. Please do consider in including this company name list in your future book as organizer of adventurous and off-the beaten truck and one again we would like to appreciate your effort in masking up such a genius book. Thanks, Paul and his friends from Poland


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