Security issues

We just came back from 1 month Ethiopia and have several security updates:

1. Boats on lake Tana are not safe. Our booked boat tour from Ghion hotel in Bahar Dar was a disaster, as the front door opened in the middle of the lake and 11 tourists and 2 locals were sure that the boat will sink, as lots of water came in. We were very lucky, that the boat did not sink, as only 2 life vests were on the boat. We recommend to avoid the boats with doors from Ghion hotel, and check if life vests for all are available.

2. Taxis and public transport are not safe. We had a bad accident with a taxi in Gondar, as the brakes stopped working and we crashed in a wall. The tourist on the front seat broke his arm. We were lucky. We recommend to avoid any bad looking old car, and try to sit in the back and convince the drivers to drive slowely. Do not trust hotel employees who recommend “safe” private taxis like in Ghion in Addis or Goha in Gondar.

3. Wondo Genet “birding guides” try to press money, at least 100 Bir per hour for accompany you in the forest. As it is not safe to walk alone in the forest, we suggest to avoid Wondo Genet at all, or go with a booked tour and their guides.

Jochen Krauss


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