Birding updates & corrections

Addenda to bird list on p 61-9 based on Nigel Redman, Terry Stevenson & John Fanshawe’s Birds of The Horn Of Africa (RS&F) and John Ash & John Atkins’s Birds of Ethiopia & Eritrea (A&A) 

A&A gives the total number of bird species for Ethiopia as 837, including 188 migrants, 18 endemics, and 14 joint Ethiopian-Eritrean endemics. An additional 50 species are listed but not accepted by the authors.

Archer’s francolin – the recent split mentioned here is not universally accepted

White-cheeked turaco – not a full endemic, as range extends into Eritrean highlands and Boma Hills in Sudan.

Degodi lark – now considered to be synonymous with Gillett’s lark

Erlanger’s lark – still controversial, with RS&F treating it as an endemic species, A&A as an endemic race of C. blanfordi

Red-billed pytilia Pytilia lineata – formerly treated as a race of P. phoenicoptera, this recent split is listed as endemic to Ethiopia by A&A, but is more properly regarded as a near endemic, based on several recent records from bordering parts of Sudan. 

Abyssinian longclaw, Ethiopian (Abyssinian) oriole, Abyssinian slaty flycatcher and white-throated seedeater are not full endemics but joint endemics with Eritrea

The status of brown saw-wing, Ethiopian saw-wing, Ethiopian cliff swallow, Bale parisoma and Ethiopian cisticola remains indeterminate

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