Equus Ethiopia

Following your recommendation in the new guide book, I did a day trip with Equus Ethiopia today.
I didn’t get a  breakfast snack, just a cup of coffee,  nor was there any explanation about hippotherapy programme, but I loved the day trip, even though I am a beginner rider. I even learned some trotting today. There was a picnic lunch consisting of egg sandwich, biscuits, orange, kollo and coffee, and some dates and candy.
I paid 600 birr for the day trip.
Below are the instructions on how to get to Equus Ethiopia stables. I went for the option of arranging a driver from Addis, who also came to pick me up after the ride at 4.pm. It took us about 40 minutes from Bole. I paid 500 for the return trip. With mini bus apparently no more than 15 for return trip (so said my riding guide, who has family in Addis)
The phone numbers you mention in the book are correct, but the new e-mail is yvesstranger@yahoo.com (the one in your book does not seem to work anymore)
they also just updated the website that you list in the book aswell. 
Liza D




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