Dib Anbessa Hotel, Bahir Dar

The Dib Anbessa Hotel in Bahar Dar is misrepresented by the guide book. I was forced to stay there a couple of nights ago when all the other hotels were fully booked. The rooms are really, really nasty. Everything is old, and the bathrooms are in a terrible state – chipped shower bases, taps missing, toilet flushing mechanism replaced by wire. The toilet didn’t flush, until fixed by the technician, when it didn’t stop flushing. There was no hot water. Old, grubby-looking towels I didn’t dare use. Carpets ripped, stained and smelly. Threadbare sheets. I got very badly bitten by mosquitos even under the mosquito net. This hotel was placed in a relatively high bracket in the guide – higher than the Ghion, whereas I asked someone who stayed at the Ghion who said that the toilets there flushed, there was hot water there, and the rooms seemed fine.


4 thoughts on “Dib Anbessa Hotel, Bahir Dar

  1. Brian Blatt says:

    First off, I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Having no hot water when you expect it is always disheartening!

    The first line in the Dib Anbessa listing says that it is older and not as nice as the hotels listed above. Nevertheless, the rooms that I saw were clean and had all the bathroom hardware. It sounds like standards have recently declined, and your update is greatly appreciated.

    Within each hotel category an attempt has been made to list the better places first. If the standards at the Dib Anbessa have declined as much as you say, then going with the Ghion, the top hotel in the budget category, may be a better option.

  2. Liza Debevec says:

    I stayed at Dib Anbessa in January. Paid 250 a night. There was hot water in the shower, the place was basic, but clean. the only thing was that the balcony door did not close properly.
    I found the staff at the reception not to be all that friendly, but still OK.
    The food at the restaurant was very good.

  3. marjet hoekstra says:

    january 2012: it’s still the same as in november 2009. We knew that we couln’t expect more than we got – maybe that’s the difference. The mosquitos were annoying, the carpet is ruffled, no toiletseat but flushing was no problem and there was hot water. Location is fine, also the restaurant (best fishcurry I had in Ethiopia I got here), we enjoyed breakfast at the terrace with the nice view

  4. abebe amre says:

    The hotel & its service is verry good and atractive ,the hotel manager is youngs very exelent hospitalit,cooprative all the time.so dib anbessa hotel in bahir dar the best.

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