Corrections to Addis Ababa maps

Thanks to Frank Rispin for the following corrections:

MAP  p 138

1.       Ethiopia is not a Commonwealth Country so it is BRITISH EMBASSY not High Commission.

2.       Location of TOP VIEW is wrong. The access road to Topview is not at Yeka Park. It is at the top/upper Megananya Round-about, where the road running east from the British EMBASSY hits the end of the ring road flyover. You must be on the upper roundabout here not the one below. You leave the upper roundabout eastwards on the Kotobe road and immediately turn left up a hill in a gap between small shops.

3.        The road north from Medhane Alem does not end opposite Yeka Park it comes out facing the eastern end of the Brit Embassy compound.


MAP  p 156

1.  Castellis is on the wrong side of Ghandi street.

2.  Adwa Ave was renamed Haile Sellassie Street 2 years ago. British Council no longer there. Now inside   B Embassy compound.

3.  SUGGESTIONS  It would be useful to have arrows at top indicating direction of Simien Hotel and A A Restaurant

Add Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris office?  On side road NW of Bookworld.

The cartography of the map is misleading.

Eg de Gaulle Square is in fact a very small roundabout – much smaller than the three you show to the north of it.

Churchill goes thru middle of Tewodros sq – not on side as u show it.

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