Addis Ababa updates & corrections

Thanks to Frank Rispin for the following:

P141 Airline offices. Locations and phone numbers. These quite often change.

Ethiopian. Hilton, Churchill opposite National Theatre, Alem Building airport end of Bole Rd.

BMI, KLM, Kenyan – in Hilton

Emirates – in Dembel City Centre Mall – Bole Rd, at Olympia

Lufthansa – on Urael to Medhane Alem Road – on right soon after leaving Urael intersection.

Saudi – next to AmbassadorCinema

Turkish – also on Urael to Medhane Alem road, but at Bole end between Swiss Café and Brass Clinic

Yemenia – in city centre – almost opposite Ambassador Cinema. Airline

Phone numbers – according to “Whats Out Addis” 09/09 BMI 011 6620815/16 Egyptair 011 1122565 Emirates 011 5181818 Ethipian 011 6656666 Kenyan 011 5518400 KLM 011 5525495 Lufthansa 011 5515666/75 Saudi 011 5517746 Turkish 011 6627781/82 Yemenia 011 5515076

P142 You say the city center is like a rectangle – I completely agree. BUT why have the top corners as the Hilton and Teodros square ?? This omits the Gibbe or Old Palace, Prime Ministers Office, Parliament Building, Trinity and St Georges Cathedral, and Piazza..all of which are essential parts of the sprawling city centre of Addis. Residents here think of it as a tall rectangle – bottom corners as you say are Mexico and Maskal…..(no one really calls it Abbiot any more)…but the north east corner is Arat Kilo and North west corner is Piazza. It is these 4 places which are the major destinations of minibus routes into the city. ( BUT you will never hear minibus boys shouting “Maskal Maskal” as incoming vehicles are not allowed to stop there, so “stadium” is in effect the stop for Maskal.) p160 Agelgil – sadly this excellent restaurant closed in 2007.

p165 Hospitals – 2 of the most modern, well equipped, and respected private hospitals are Hayat – on ring road just north of airport. 011 6624488 Korean Christian Hospital or MCM in Gurji –turn off ring road at Imperial. 011 6295420

P168 Trinity Cathedral – tickets by payment at office in low buildings in main approach road (as you approach with Parliament building on your right)

P168 minibus set up at Arat Kilo is very organized and easy to understand compared to other Addis hubs. Use your map, get on the correct road leading away from round about. Listen for destinations. Parking restrictions are tight at Arat K, so minibuses are not allowed to stop close to the round-a-bout so you will need to walk 30 to 80 metres in your chosen direction. Minibuses going south to Hilton, Stadium,(for Maskal),and Mexico are to be found both sides of traffic circle. Those starting from Arat line up south of round-a-bout, those passing through Arat from Sidist K stop just north of roundabout by “Sallys”. Minibuses to Bole usually start from Arat.

P169 National Museum – now has the excellent “Lucy” café in the grounds.

P170/171 – What you call the Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies – correctly – is more commonly known in the city and by Tour Companies as “the Ethnological Museum”.

P172 St Georges Cathedral and Museum. Tourists must pay at small building on rhs of compound. Museum focuses on the coronation of Haile Selassie in 1930. Your included compulsory guide will expect a tip….


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