Ethio-German Park Hotel, Debre Libanos


The Ethio-German Park Hotel in Debre Libanos (context Abnet Shifferow  at 001-6563213) sits on the edge of the rift gorge, is brand new – memory foam beds in traditional bed frames, terrific food all for about $30/night at the moment. really great.

Nancy Bogue

2 thoughts on “Ethio-German Park Hotel, Debre Libanos

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Frank Rispin adds:

    Ethio-German Park Hotel – I don’t agree that the prices are daft. A more valid criticism is that if you go midweek unannounced there may be only Eth dishes available. The owner is extremely helpful.

  2. Hari says:

    Great view but I cannot imagine getting food like that served at a restaurant anywhere else in the world. The food we were served was horrible and when we commented to the owner, the German lady who is married to an Ethiopian and owns the place practically told us off. We felt that she had no respect for customers and for Ethiopia. I personally felt that she had no right to be in Africa and act that way. She serves food that is below a minimum standard and charges money for it. I would never eat there. The lady is the worst foreign person I have ever seen in Ethiopia.

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