Pickpockets in Gonder

A word about safety. Ethiopia takes the credit for being the first destination where I ran into successful pickpockets. After about 60 countries it had to occur sooner or later. I know you warned for it, but it happened at the Gonder bus station at 5am. The trick is that the guys block you with your backpack in between two busses by appearing on both sides of you, so you cannot move for a few seconds. By the time you can free yourself it’s too late. Luckily my pockets did not contain too much. However I was more surprised by the fact that on 2 occasions in Awassa I was approached by someone in broad daylight who tried to put his hands into my pockets. Once next to the lake, the other time close to the downtown area with people all around. Nothing was stolen, but my trousers were ripped apart.


Tim W


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