Addis Ababa Restaurants

There are 2 restaurants in Addis around Bole Road that might deserve being mentioned in a next edition. “Fasika – national restaurant” is a tukul style traditional restaurant that offers live music every night. For me it was the only place where I could find tripes on the menu, and they have a great list of tedj and araki with different flavours. The service is execellent, and the place seems very popular with expats, judging by the car park. I was there on a Thursday evening and almost every table had been reserved. The place is in a small street parallel with Bole, just below the Addis museum. It is clearly signposted on Bole Road. Also interesting if you want a change from local food is the “Mendi Corner” serving Arabian cuisine. It is a very clean and cosy place, in a side street from Congo Road – a bit lower than the Wanza hotel, opposite the MJ pension. It is worth going there if only for some of the tacky decoration like the metal sportscars hanging from the roof or the flying saucers that serve as water tap in the toilet. Both restaurants serve mains for about 50 birr.


Tim W


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