Mursi Community Tourism

I just had news of the opening of a new and very welcome community tourism project in the Mursi region of South Omo. According to the website, 

“Several Mursi communities have selected campsites, organized visits to the Mursi communities with Mursi guides, and have created wildlife tours. This project is run by the Mursi, all workers are Mursi, and all revenues go to the wider Mursi community. 

“Three campsites have been selected for visitors, in Uchuro Bai, Makki, and Maganto (Haile Wuha). These sites are located in cool, shaded areas near rivers. All campsites allow access to nearby Mursi villages. The map below will direct visitors to the campsites. Inquiries for site location, guides and guards for the Uchuro Bai and Maganto campsites can be made in Maganto village. Inquiries for the Makki campsite can be made in Makki.

“Wildlife tours are available just outside Maganto village, (map below). Key viewing species in this area are giraffe, cape buffalo, zebra, hartebeest, lesser kudu, lion, defassa waterbuck, leopard, hunting dog and hippopotamus. A recent visitor was taken on a test run wildlife tour in this area, and saw approximately 350 zebra, 36 cape buffalo, 8 hartebeest, and a few reedbuck. Game tours are only recommended for those who want to get out of the car and track wildlife with the Mursi. The Mursi declared their territory a community conservancy only recently in August, 2008. The wildlife are still afraid of humans and are hiding in the bush. Other species found in Mursi territory are elephant, greater kudu, cheetah, reedbuck, duiker, anubis baboon, patas monkey, colubus monkey, vervet monkey and crocodile.”

For further details, GPS coordinates and contact information, check out their website here


2 thoughts on “Mursi Community Tourism

  1. Parag says:

    Many NGOs and people who want keep this tribe exist are now coming together for the preservation of this indigenous tribe by organizing tours and treks to the Omo valley and to show Mursi’s unique culture and culture.
    Mursi Of Ethiopia

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