Sunny Ethiopia Tours

Group of ten biologists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated in a ten days trip organized by Mr. Taddese Atalw from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the Journey we visited Bale Mountain NP, Abijata Shalla NP, Awash NP and on the way we visited also Lake Koka, Ziway and Hora. We could observe many animals and birds and admire the beauty of Ethiopian countryside. The trip was perfectly prepared and organized.All three drivers were experienced and pleasant people. They drive safely even though the road were sometimes very rough and bumpy. However, we were most impressed by the tour operator, Mr. Taddese Atalw. He appeared to be an outstanding personality. The programme he prepared was perfectly organized and all the goals were 100% fulfilled. He took very good care of all Participants, the accommodation was always the best for the location and good meals served in all hotels we visited.

Mr. Taddese Atlaw was always on time with the itinerary and he did his best to meet all our professional demands. He speaks good English, is always in a good mood, and never seems to be tired. We can fairly recommended Sunny Ethiopia Tours to any body who wants to make safe and enjoyable traveling to admire beautiful landscape of Ethiopia and learn about its cultural monuments. See

On behalf of all participants.

Prof. Jan Zdarek, Prague,
Czech Republic


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