Question about 3/4 beds and hotel emails

I bought the 5th guide direct from Bradt. It looks good. You may have an answer to this in the book but …What do you mean by 3/4 bed? I found the difference between double and single. We are a family of 4 (2 teenagers) and prefer 1 room. Someone said hotels will accomodate that. Also, for the northern tour some of your hotel suggestions do not have email. Do i need to try and contact them from overseas now or wait till i am in country in July? 

Henry Rempel


One thought on “Question about 3/4 beds and hotel emails

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Henry,
    A three quarter bed is midway in size between single and double.
    Most hotels in the north do not have email. Comms in Ethiopia are very basic. For hotels that don’t have email, you can try phoning but in most cases you’ll be lucky to get somebody who speaks much English or can be relied upon to make a genuine booking. I would suggest you use an operator if you want everything booked in advance, otherwise its usually easiest just to arrange a room as you go along.
    Best, Philip

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