In Gondar I stayed at the Lamergeyer hotel, the price was about 250 birr and it was really nice, clean and modern furnishings.

Also in Gondar, a group of guides and cooks who work in Gondar and on the Simien trek got together and created an association called Peace for Tourism Youth Association

Their goal is to create a safe environment in Gondar for tourists, especially after there have been harrasments of tourists/travellers in the Piazza area. They can also offer guide services etc, but their intention is mostly to educate the children in town to act in a non-aggressive way towards tourists etc.

They have a uniform  a green V neck sweater with stripes of the ethiopan flag and green trousers, white shirt (I attach a photo of a couple of them) and can be contacted on 0918 721923 Getnet and 0918 032344 Endale, also e-mail Sami_love20et@yahoo.com

I had met some of them in January when I was first in Gondar, and have to say they were really nice, I had lunch a couple of times at the house of one of the members, and was never harassed, or asked for anything. I did bring small presents with me this time, just as a token of appreciation, but I know it was not expected. 

Anyway, as I have read about some people’s bad experiences in Gondar, I think this will be a welcome initiative.

Liza Debevec


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