Tana Chirkos By Road

We have just returned from Ethiopia where your guide was very helpful and reliable. There is one exception though, where we could not find our way following the explanations : according to page 212, it is possible to visit the monastery of Tana Chirkos from the mainland, close to the Church of Kristos Samra, and hire a tankwa. We drove on tracks for more than 12 km, asking many times for our way, and finally gave up at the end of the road, in a village where the priest told us that we had to continue on foot for 2 hours to reach the monastery ! We enjoyed crossing this area, seeing the villages and people, but we were disappointed about not reaching the monastery !

Suzanne Villemin


One thought on “Tana Chirkos By Road

  1. philipbriggs says:

    Just to note that I have not ever tried to approach Tana Chirkos by road myself, but I was told about this route by a local guide who had used it. It sounds like it’s best avoided unless you feel like an adventure!

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