Posting old reader comments

In order to streamline this update website prior to publication of the 5th edition of Bradt’s Ethiopia, I need to remove the ‘comments’ facility from the pages listed at the top of the page.  So I am now posting ‘old’ comments in the main archive. The first comment follows:

Hi I had a great time travelling in Ethiopia in July and August 2008. Although it was the rainy season it didn’t hamper our enjoyment. There were a few negatives. The rooms outside of the main building in Taitu Hotel, Addis were by far the worst in Ethiopa. The Forgera Hotel in Gonder was nice in a faded way but they did nothing to discourage the unoffical guides who pestered us for 3 days. The Ghion Hotel is well situated and organised. However, do not take up their offer of a minibus to Godar which picks you up at the hotel and then proceeds to drive around town and took over an hour to fill up and go. For half the price go straight to the bus station. There were many positives. Lalibela is out of this world. I would recommend the Seven Olives Hotel and restaurant. Taitu gave me a card with a low season rate which was very good value. Finally, I did a tour to South Omo with Glory Travel. The guide Daniel was informative, witty and very good company. Highly recommended. We stayed at the Paradise Hotel which is made up of a number of attractive bungalows.

Julian Thomas, originally submitted 2008/09/28


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