Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa

We come back from a one month trip to Ethiopia, and your guide was a big help, thank you! We wanted to let you know, however, about art galleries in Addis Abeba: we went to “Asni gallery”, which is a very pleasant place (nice park, peaceful place…) but is no longer a gallery, but rather a residence for artists: we met two of them there, who explained us they spent one month residence there, and two others would be there the next months, etc. In terms of art gallery, we think you could rather mention the Makush Art Gallery, on Bole Road, in Mega Building, held by Naty Yohannes ( this gallery represents about 40 young artists (painters, mainly) coming from the Fine Arts School of Addis Abeba, and we could find there a representative tendancy of the contemporary art in Addis… This address was given to us by the very nice and helpful woman we met at the office of tourist information on Meskel square. We think this gallery is worth being mentionned in your excellent guide, this is an update information for your next edition…
Best regards
Françoise Dubor & Bruno Declercq

Originally submitted 2009/01/18


3 thoughts on “Asni Gallery, Addis Ababa

    • Greg says:

      Just went to Asni, and was told that they had no exhibitions on at the moment – what a waste of time. It’s essentially closed.

      • mathi says:

        greg….you didnt go to makush??????…..would have been easier thn going to asni..makush is right on bole……cant miss mega building/////

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