New Hotel in Gambella

In Chapter 29, Gambella, There are still few good places to stay but Hope Enterprise has opened it’s new Guest House with accomodations that are new, clean and include one’s own bathroom.  It is located on the left side of the asphalt as you leave town traveling north. The manager is Woreda and his number, in country is 0911310120.  Out of Ethiopia 251 911310120. Also, please note that the two tribes are switched. Correction – Nuer are tall and their greeting is “Mali”.  Anuak greeting is “Derigot”.  The town roads are asphalt now therefore reducing the dust.


3 thoughts on “New Hotel in Gambella

  1. Lloyd Parton (Father's House International) says:

    I visited Gambella in April of 2011 and noticed that the Gambella Hotel is adding a new room building. Does anyone have an update? Also I noticed a recomendation for another hotel. Could I get some additional information?

  2. Artem says:

    All places in the hotel did not have a backup electricity, which is often disabled. Air conditioning and hot water in all rooms. Water from the river, and not always. In Room cockroaches and bedbugs. Cockroaches are also possible in the food. Two people stay for 2 months left the hotel with hepatitis A. Food at the bar is always the same, 10 meals will not be new. Internet – 2 MBt the entire Wi-fi. Laundry and towels – hands in total capacity. At any moment, you can relocate without you in another room. Processing chemistry in the room from insects can get to your things and REPAIRS. No refrigerators. Menezhdzher Shakur – usually takes 3-4 for all prices from the price list, it is normal for him. Air conditioning and mosquito nets in some rooms there, but all work as they should. Lighting on site is very weak, take care of your feet. Maid service may not notice your signs – “No need to worry,” and turn off when cleaning air conditioning and open the door, as a consequence of mosquitoes in the room, may be malaria. Unfortunately, this is the best hotel in this city. 4 months stay.

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