Bole Airport

The Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in Ethiopia does not have any accoustic boarding announcements. This lead to a group of five passengers who checked in and went through immigration to travel on Ethiopian Airlines (“Proud to Serve”) to Khartoum/Sudan and partly onwards to Cairo/Egypt missing their flight. It seems that Ethiopian Airlines is not conducting a passengers count against the travel manifesto of check-in passengers. All passengers had luggage check-in which went without them to Khartoum. When the stranded passengers went to see Ethiopian Airlines the next day they were confronted with an additional charge of US $ 2,000. As far as I have been told they paid and left Ethiopia. Additionally I like to draw attention to the fact that Ethiopian Airlines charges different fares for nationals and for foreigners on domestic routes. Flying to Dire Dawa in the east of the country costs an Ethiopian 933 Birr and a foreigner 2,333 Birr (ca. 10 Birr to a US $). With best regards Paul R. Woods


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