Surma update info

Just had the following info from Toni Partipilo:

we came back from our trip in the Surma area and Omo Valley made with Glory
Ethiopia Travel & Tours of Daniel Damtew and everything was perfect thanks
to his good managing and his very valuable guide Yared Yilma.
I would appreciate if you can add my feedback about them, since they are
very nice people and I would recommend them to anybody wishing to travel
We travelled from Addis to the Kibish, which is the main center of Surma
region and where most of excursions or sights can be done, via Jimma and
Mizan Teferi taking two days of travel. In Jimma we slept in Hoteela Dagituu
with rooms very basic and rough. In Mizan Teferi we stayed in hotel
Salayish, which is brand new, good quality apart the food, mosquito net and
Kibish area has now a new camp ground with kitchen facility and shower very
comfortable and guarded 24 hours a day. It is close to the river, which is
the main centre of daily life where a simple sitting on its banks will
provide half of the experiences you can get in the area. We made excursions
to Magologni, half day trek to go, famous for its red springs that local
people drink to clean their stomach. On the way to the springs stop in
Kormu, nice village on top of a hill. Also few hours trek to Regje which is
another small village near that is worth a visit, we have been lucky as we
attended a wedding cerimony. Be prepared to the assault of photo models
asking for birrs, but definitely surmas are more kind and less aggressive of
the tribes in the Omo valley. Travelling in end of august will give occasion
to watch a donga, that is an obsession for the surmas, having it everyday.
Watching a donga is anyway one of the most beautiful experiences I have had,
but not recommendable for people who are afraid of kalasnikov shooting all
the time. Making photography at a donga can be very expensive, so make sure
you have a good translator and guide to manage it. Being in the Kibish area
will give plenty of occasions to see a scarification, blood drinking,
wedding ceremony or funerals. In the Surma area to not miss gold-seekers on
the Akobo river. You get there from a small track near Dima and after 25km
appr. you get to Gabisa, but if the road is too difficult stop after 10 km
in Gazema. Here a trek along the river will provide several encounters with
many ethnic types – surma, anuak, highlanders – searching for gold in harsh
and very unsafe conditions.
Tulgit is not worth a visit, the village is 20 min away by car from Kibish,
and is not a sample of the region tribes and architecture. Maji or Tum are
worth a day excursion from the camp in Kibish during day markets. Maji is
the village of the Dizi on top of a mountain while Tum is somehow below and
is a Surma village. Do not expect to find friendly people wishing to be
photographed in the markets, their expectations of revenues are high and
discussions can be tough.
We concluded the trip going on the other side of the Omo having the classic
tour of the region.

You can
publish the website of the photos of this trip, i.e.


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